The Learning Child

The Learning Child (TLC) is a Mercy Foundation committee of concerned volunteers who believe every child should begin each school year ready to learn. The economic situation in Douglas County has had a devastating impact on the ability of families to provide their children with the necessary and most basic school supplies. Not having pencils, paper, and other required items is not only humiliating for these children, but prevents them from participating fully in the learning experience.

Each year the TLC Committee spearheads "The Learning Child: From Head-to-Toe and Back-to-School" fundraising campaign with assistance and support of community members and local agencies. Each autumn, hundreds of disadvantaged children (grades K-8) are sent to school ready to learn, with backpacks, school supplies, and shoes provided by the TLC Committee.

Who Receives the Supplies?
To maintain confidentiality, the Child Welfare Division of the Oregon Department of Human Services and local school counselors identify the recipients and distribute the school-related items and shoes. Each elementary and middle school in Douglas County receives supplies to be distributed as needed.

How You Can Help
You can assist by either making a cash donation or by donating new school supplies. All contributions are tax deductible.

The Learning Child Committee

Angie Tustin, Chairperson
Rosemary Brinkley
Ronnie Bruce
Linda Burton
Deidre Hemmingway
Ann Kjensrud
Dixie Morgan
Robert Parnell
Tammy Rondeau

Maureen Short
Gillian Wesenberg




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